Academic Networking


Why do networking?

“It’s not just doing the research, it’s making it known. – Yoshua Bengio”

Why for the majority people like me, doing academic networking is challenging? Some because of low self-confidence with your research, some due to your English fluency. I saw some good examples I tested and want to write them down to remind myself to keep doing that.

  1. “It’s not just doing the research, it’s making it known. Going to workshops and conferences, visiting other labs. You don’t have to wait to be invited. You can say, ‘Hey, I’ll be in the area. Like me to give a talk?’ Then you get to be known in the network. ” – Yoshua Bengio
    • This tells you why and very good skills to do it.
  2. Comment and compliment others work
    • “Thank you very much for organizing the meeting/workshop”, “Thank you for inviting me, I am honored to give a talk”, “Yor work is very interesting/inspiring”, “For anyone who would like to learn about XXX, I recommend XXX’s work”. Especially the first one, you can always say it, and you also mean it.